{ jQ EasyCollection }
A funny jQuery collection combined in just one external *.js
Normal inline text-type-ticker in a span elememt...
Combination of ticker and 3d-text in a styled div.
jQ tooltips showing screenshots of external pages
Hover to see screeny Mozilla (powered by webthumbnail.org) <- - - - - - -> hier noch eins zum testen: HomeStory Forum
phpBB DokuWiki <- - - - - - -> und noch eins mit SSL: phpBB Support Deutschland <- - - - - - -> SourceCodeComposer

jQ EasyTipper showing different types of content

Gimmick: A blur-like text-effect will appear when tooltip is active

EasyTipper mit YT-Video <- - - - - - -> EasyTipper mit SiteContent <- - - - - - -> EasyTipper mit Object-iFrame

jQ EasyBox called by thumbs

Gimmick: You can transform the image inside into a puzzle game. (not good with IE6/7/8 and Opera)
The puzzle-jQ was found somewhere out in www without hint to author and modified a bit to show user-given images.
EasyBox is my own jQ Project to call a nice modal-like LightBox completely inline without any lines outside the body-element.

Snippet jQ SyntaxHighLighter

Supported: html, php ,css, javascript, java, python, ruby, sql, xml, c, c++, c#, flex, perl, url, jquery

	This is a comment
		<th data-ptcolumn="description">Description</th>
		<th data-ptcolumn="type">Type</th>
		<th data-ptcolumn="purchased">Purchased</th>
		<th data-ptcolumn="condition">Condition</th>
		<th data-ptcolumn="modelnum">Model #</th>
		<th data-ptcolumn="serialnum">Serial #</th>
		<th data-ptcolumn="assignedto">Assigned To</th>
		<th data-ptcolumn="lang">Language</th>
<style type="text/css">
	body{ font-size: 12px; background-color: #005500; }
		line-height: 22px;
		font-size: 2em;

<script type="text/javascript">
		here is some script
	if(myvar == "foobar"){
		for(i=1; i < myarr.length; i++){
			// some output
			return "2012-06-23".match( /^(\d{4})\-(\d{2})\-(\d{2})$/ );
Clientside jQ Image-Cropper

Supported image-types: jpg, gif, png, bmp, tiff

Kropr found on GitHub

jQ imageCutter


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